The Benefits of a Personalised Approach for Patients through GENE-Rx™

Written by: 
Jeanne Conradie

GENE-Rx™ is aimed at providing you with information that will help you to understand the way in which your body uniquely responds to prescription medication. We test the functionality of the enzymes that metabolise medication.  Generally, medication is prescribed based on a patient’s age, weight, gender and organ functionality, however with the GENE-Rx, enzyme activity and drug metabolism ability can be determined beforehand.

GENE-Rx™ identifies the genetic variations which, through research, have been identified as being more or less responsive to prescription medications. This will help indicate whether patients may be more susceptible to treatment failure and adverse side effects as a result of their genetic makeup. The benefits of genetic testing, in the form of GENERx™, include:

GENERx™ Decreases the Length of Treatment Time

By determining if you are at risk of treatment failure you allow medical practitioners to take a more targeted approach, which often means the duration of treatment is significantly shorter.

 The trial and error approach currently used by Practitioners can prove to become taxing, especially over long periods of time. Tailoring the prescription to an individual would enable a more accurate prescription which would be most beneficial to the patient which will then, in turn, shorten the treatment time.

One example of the efficacy of DNA testing for medication to see how your body metabolises a drug is the breast cancer treatment tamoxifen. Tamoxifen is converted to its active form Endoxifen, by the CYP2D6 gene. If you CYP2D6 is unable to convert Tamoxifen to Endoxifen efficiently your start experiencing treatment failure.

GENERx™ Minimises Adverse Side Effects

The results of a DNA test help to determine how your body reacts to medication so practitioners can streamline their approach to getting you back to health as quickly as possible. This means better understanding medications the GENERx™ test reveals you will likely not metabolise properly.

DNA testing for medication can provide information on the drug that will be most effective with minimal side effects.

There is a lot of trial and error involved once a doctor has given their diagnosis of which medication is most likely to have the desired effect. The drug that will work best can be revealed via one simple test rather than trying multiple drugs in order to find the right one. The efficacy of a drug for individuals can be hurried along with the help of genetic testing like GENERx™.

To reap the rewards of GENERx™ and similar genetic testing, contact us at GENEWAY™.



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