How Your Genes Can Affect Your Weight

Written by: 
Jeanne Conradie

Many of us have tried popular diets and exercise programmes only to get disheartened when we do not see immediate results. Luckily for those who have experienced this time and time again, there could be something you have not looked into yet: yourself. By examining your individual genes to determine how they affect your system as a whole we can help you see if there are any genetic factors hindering you from reaching your weight loss goals. A DNA test to discover the best diet for you could be just what you need to get ahead.

How Genes Make You, You

A gene is a part of a thread of DNA and RNA nucleic acids which hold the genetic makeup of your entire being. Each gene contains all the instructions required to tell each cell in your body how to behave in order to most efficiently complete its function.

You receive half of your genes from your mother and the other half from your father. As the centre of your genetic makeup it will help determine if a DNA test for your eating habits is necessary.

DNA versus Diet

A survey taken in by the South Africa Demographic and Health Survey in 2016 found that almost two thirds of South African women are overweight, along with a third of South African men. It is undeniable that as a nationality there are changes we could make when it comes to food choices. We could and should leave the most indulgent practices for special occasions and portion control and unhealthy foods are global issues. However, your DNA can affect the way in which you gain and carry weight.

Hundreds if not thousands of genes can have an effect on your weight in different ways. It may have an effect on the way you gain weight, your appetite and your metabolism. GENEWAY has found that up to 70% of the risk of being overweight can be determined by your genes.


Due to the nature of obesity as a complex disease the best diet to follow for your own individual needs is not always obvious or evident. GENEWAY can help you determine your genetic predisposition to being overweight and the best way to handle this with GENEDIET™. DNA tests for exercise and diet will be done to discover which will be the most suitable and effective diet for your needs based on your individual DNA and genetic structure. This way you can not only lose weight but maintain a healthy weight once you know what the best way is to go about it.

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