3 Reasons to Get Genetic Testing Done

Written by: 
Jeanne Conradie

There are many reasons you could want to, or perhaps should get genetic testing done. This article will discuss how genetic testing can change your life today, for the better.

1.Implement Lifestyle Changes to Reduce Potential Risks

Genetic testing gives people the information they need to continue their lives in such a way that they are directly in control of their environment in order to reduce risk. For example, if the genetic test reveals that you are genetically inclined to high blood pressure and heart disease you may choose to do something about it now. For example you could reduce your daily salt intake or initiate antioxidant and Omega-3 supplementation to reduce your risk of cholesterol, thereby supporting a healthier lifestyle to minimise the risk. Now that you have this insight you can become proactive and take the necessary steps to reduce your risks of these diseases presenting in the future.

If you eat right, exercise and have your heart checked regularly you will be actively halting the clock on your genetically predisposed condition by taking matters into your own hands. You may be given advice on which medicines or supplements you can begin to take now to stave off any symptoms in order to live a long and happy life. This is one of the best reasons to get genetic testing; it puts the power back into your control and it enables your health to be your responsibility rather than a predetermined genetic destiny.

2.Giving you Much-Needed Peace of Mind

One of the main reasons many people opt to get genetic testing is due to their family’s history of illnesses like cancer, heart disease and other genetically passed on traits that could possibly affect them later in life. This is highly desired by people who are aware of potential risks that have already affected family members as well as people who grew up without knowing their family very well.

A genetic test can even reveal that you don’t have something the rest of our family has fallen prey to. This is the much-needed peace of mind many need to reduce their stress. Even if it is found you could be genetically inclined to a certain illness now that you have that information you have the power to influence it. Whether you choose to influence the results by changing your lifestyle or seeing a Doctor, either way, knowledge is power and GENEWAY™ gives you that knowledge.

3.Finally Get to The Bottom of It and Find the Best Way Forward

Tests like the GENE-Rx™ can help people who may already be aware of their condition(s) but having intense side effects or inefficacy from their medications. GENE-Rx™ gives powerful insight into how your body metabolises certain prescription drugs, to personalise your prescription medication.

Take any and all the GENEWAY™ tests available in order to gain the knowledge you need to better take care of yourself and your family. Contact us for more details and find out how it works here.

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