Adette Bos Testimonial

Adette Bos reached her goal weight and completed the 

Cape Town Cycle Tour after doing the Geneway DNA test


Johannesburg resident Adette (35) had been overweight her whole life. Weighing 132 kg two and a half years ago, she realized that she needed to change her lifestyle. Not knowing much about healthy eating or training, she figured the best way was to eliminate all sugar and starch from her diet. She started training at a CrossFit box, and together with the changes in her eating habits, she lost almost 50kg over two years. Still wanting to lose an additional 10kg, Adette hit a plateau and struggled to decrease her weight any further. 

It was then that she met Isabeau van Heerden from Bodynetix Klerksdorp, who introduced her to the Geneway test. Isabeau explained how testing your DNA yields valuable information, part of which would enable Adette to eat according to her genes. Adette agreed, and the team at Bodynetix compiled a meal and training plan according to her DNA results. Simply by following this, Adette reached her goal weight by losing those stubborn last 10kg over only three months. 

However, it did not end there, Adette learned a great deal about how to manage her health proactively and beat other challenges that she had been struggling with. For instance, her test results showed that high-intensity fitness programmes such as Crossfit are not ideal for her body, and that endurance training is more suitable for her.  

In January 2020, having never cycled before, Adette bought a road bicycle and took on a new interest, which she fast grew to love. She went on to enter the Cape Town Cycle Tour in March and completed the epic 1070km in only 3 hours and 46 minutes. This was the longest distance Adette had ever ridden, yet she finished in the top 13% of women who participated a remarkable achievement! 

The Geneway test also taught Adette other valuable lessons about her body:


  • After intense exercise, she had previously needed anti-inflammatory medication to ease the inflammation in her joints. Her DNA test showed that she is prone to Inflammation caused by intense training, and after eating according to the plan worked out by Emmerentia from Bodynetix Klerksdorp, she has never had inflammation again.
  • Adette learned that she is 100% Gluten Intolerant and now knows to avoid all foods with this ingredient. 
  • Discovering that her body can not absorb Vitamin D from the sun, she now takes a Vitamin D supplement. 
  • Because her DNA test showed that her liver does not detox optimally, she now avoids any burnt food, which would leave toxins in her body. 


 Adette Before    Adette After


To follow Adette’s remarkable journey, follow her on Instagram: @Fitlikebos. 


To find a Geneway practitioner, so that you too can do this valuable test, go to today. 


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