Salt, or “sodium” is notorious for being the cause of various health-related issues. Sodium is actually very necessary for maintaining bodily fluid levels, and therefore a balanced amount of sodium is important for heart, liver, and kidney health. However, just like with anything, excess salt in one’s diet can prove detrimental to health, including blood pressure levels.

A paternity test can determine whether a particular man is the biological father of a particular child or not, and there are different ways to test for this. It works by indicating whether DNA from the child matches DNA of the man in question.

How Accurate Is DNA Paternity Testing?

DNA genetic markers are used to indicate similarities between DNA in each individual. A DNA paternity test is 99.9% accurate in determining whether the man is the biological father or not.

Here are the facts and what you can do

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues its devastation across South Africa, we are learning more about how the virus manifests in people and who is most at risk of reacting badly, so we’ve summarized this information in a way that is easy to understand. Our team have also put a few tips together regarding how you can protect yourself. 

The Oxford dictionary defines genetic testing as follows:

genetic testing


noun: genetic screening

  1. the study of a person's DNA in order to identify genetic differences or susceptibility to particular diseases or abnormalities.

Genetic screening is done by the experts at Geneway who conduct genetic screening tests for multiple lifestyle diseases.

Geneway™ conducts DNA analysis in South Africa that will teach you more about your genetic makeup and how you can adapt your lifestyle, diet and environment to live your healthiest life. However, there are some common misconceptions surrounding DNA analysis tests. We’re going to bust these!

DNA Analysis: The More You Know

DNA Analysis Myth: A DNA analysis test is painful.

The topic of doing a home DNA test may not be something that comes up often in conversations, but it should. Geneway offers a pain-free home DNA test kit in South Africa that will teach you more about your genetic makeup and how you can adapt your lifestyle, diet and environment to live your healthiest life. There are great reasons why you should take a home DNA test:

Genetic engineering is the fascinating process of manipulating the DNA of an organism to change or create certain characteristics. It allows scientists to select specific genes to avoid undesirable traits and create a “custom” organism. Genetically modified foods are a controversial topic internationally, with the argument that it isn’t natural. However, there are many that see the opportunities of GM foods, as well as medication, and more.

We are all aware that each of our bodies is different. While some body types thrive on carbohydrates, others crash, and where someone will lose loads of weight on a specific diet, someone else may see no results at all. So how do you find the right fit for you that actually works for your blood type, your body type, and your metabolism? You take a test that examines your DNA and what it needs for you to live your best life!

Doing a paternity test in South Africa has become affordable and doable with Geneway. A paternity test can be done using the cells from the inside of the cheek – just like the other DNA tests that our experts conduct. DNA paternity tests are 99% accurate, and their results are highly reliable.

Why testing my DNA was the best thing I ever did 

The three simple steps that have changed my life