Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs – pronounced “snips”) occur normally throughout a person’s DNA. They are the most common type of genetic variation found in people. Each SNP represents a difference in a single DNA building block, known as a nucleotide. Nucleotides form the basic structural unit of nucleic acids such as DNA.

Athletes, and people serious about their fitness, work hard to optimise both their diet and fitness routines so that they can achieve their optimal performance. What better way to improve your fitness than to find the right formula perfectly suited to your specific genetic makeup?

Our genes make us unique, and we have become more and more aware of the roles that they play in our lives. There are a few methods of genetic testing that can be done to determine different factors, depending on what you want to find out.

Some Genetic Testing Methods

Cytogenetic Testing – Testing Chromosomes

From structure, number, and arrangement, these tests determine abnormalities in chromosomes. This type of test can be analysed in the blood, bone marrow, amniotic fluid and other tissues taken from the patient.

In order to understand the future of genetic testing, we should begin by examining where it began. This is a great indication of how science has taken us forward in leaps and bounds, giving rise to more and more advancements into our health and other factors affected by genetics.

We’ve passed the halfway mark in 2020, and my, what a year it has been! We thought we’d give you a little refresher on what we do here at Geneway™. We offer a range of genetic tests that will teach you more about your unique genetic makeup and how you can adapt your lifestyle, diet, and environment to live your absolute best life.

Yes, you can. Geneway offers DNA test kits in South Africa that you can take in the comfort of you own home.  A quick online order and the kit is shipped (couriered) to you and collected again from home (or work). This makes DNA testing at home super quick and easy!

DNA Test Procedure

Completing a home DNA test kit from Geneway will typically entail the following:

Christo Bester (43)’s lifestyle involves a lot of traveling. While he is currently crop farming in South Dakota, USA, he frequently travels to South Africa and the United Kingdom. During his last trip to South Africa in January 2020, he developed internal hemorrhoids, which nobody could explain. This was not the first time this had happened at the end of a trip, and Christo needed answers.  It was then that his dad suggested he do a DNA test after seeing a Geneway representative explain the approach on television.


Doing a skin DNA test can show a lot about how your genes are going to affect your skin, as well as what kind of beauty regime you should be following; one that is absolutely suited to you! A great skin routine can mean the difference between the wrinkles developing rapidly, or slowly. Wrinkles are inevitable, but you can take steps to slow their development.

Genetics play a big role in the aging process, and there are many factors that contribute to how well you age. Longevity genes such as OGG1. 8-oxoguanine DNA glycosylase 1 are being studied in order to better understand the aging process and how they can be manipulated to prolong youthfulness – not only in beauty but also in age-related diseases. 

Yes, you read that right. Please note, however, that taking a genetic test will not serve as an official Coronavirus test should you suspect that you have the virus. If you have these suspicions or any of the symptoms, please contact the official Coronavirus hotline for South Africans. This genetic test can merely determine your susceptibility to the virus, and other diseases, by reporting on specific genes that play a role in susceptibility.