Children’s book writer Marilie Van der Merwe (33) had struggled with her weight all her life. As the owner of the “Lees Lisa” storybook range, her stomach frequently felt bloated after eating certain foods, which also made her feel uncomfortable. After trying various cures, none of which had worked, she was starting to feel despondent. All Marilie wanted was to feel better, understand what was causing the bloating and lose a little weight. 


Adette Bos reached her goal weight and completed the 

Cape Town Cycle Tour after doing the Geneway DNA test


Wellness genetic testing doesn’t only test for dietary patterns in your genes. Genetic health testing can give you insight into multiple bodily functions and processes, and how they are affected by your genes. These tests equip you with the information you need to make changes in your lifestyle to ensure that you can live your absolute best life.

Genetic testing helps explain the strengths and weaknesses of each person’s immune system


Pretoria, 14 April 2020: If you, like many people are wondering whether you are susceptible to the coronavirus, you are not alone. It is normal to assume that everyone who is exposed to a particular virus catches the disease. However, did you know that your genes play a large role in whether or not you will get sick?


Understanding your predisposition to health issues may help you make informed changes to alleviate or even eliminate issues in the future. GENEWELL™ tests for genetic variants involved in physiological processes that are linked to an increased risk for certain (lifestyle) diseases.

Some of these include:

Some great tips from Bernice Venter,
 Dietitian & GENEWAY™ Practitioner.
1. Replace a meal by having a protein shake for lunch. 

There are multiple benefits to knowing what your DNA has to say about you. By understanding the complexities within your DNA, you could discover valuable information like whether you are predisposed to diseases, how your diet is affecting your unique genetic make-up, and more. 

If you are just looking to optimise your weekly training regime at the gym, a “weekend warrior”  or if you are a professional athlete or planning to become one, and you want to take it seriously, consider doing DNA testing for athletes to give you better insight into your abilities and help you perform optimally.

GENESPORT™ from GENEWAY™ can help individuals to recognise their full potential by testing and then providing expert advice on performance potential and how to enhance it, according to your unique genetic makeup. Genetic testing for athletic ability can:

Recently, South Africa has seen an increase in obesity and the number of overweight people. 70% of South African women and 31% of South African men are overweight or obese. 13% of South African children are overweight.

Obesity is a very complex disease. Factors that can increase someone's risk of being overweight include:

Serotonin is probably the most talked-about neurotransmitter – the ‘happy’ brain chemical! Deficits in serotonin can lead to depression, aggressiveness, anxiety, panic attacks, food and alcohol cravings, irritability and insomnia. 

Your genes play a very important role in the conversion of amino acids to neurotransmitters. Amino acids are the raw materials for neurotransmitters and a range of vitamins and minerals are co-factors necessary for their production.