For many people the festive season is a time of joy and celebrations - uniting with family and friends after a busy year. However, for some people this time of year can be quite trying. There are a host of things that add to stress and difficult emotions during the holidays from finances, worries about the future to memories of lost ones. Another major contributing factor to feelings of depression and anxiety, irrespective of the time of year, is the result of an imbalance or deficiency of brain chemicals or neurotransmitters.

You can get a DNA test done at GENEWAY™. Their DNA test prices remain competitive and transparent for anyone interested in getting a DNA test done. With Diabetes Awareness Day falling in November, many members of the public were made aware of how much having access to necessary information can transform their lives. To gain some insight into their health and hereditary similarities, we’re hearing the same question asked: “Where can I do a DNA test?”.

November was Diabetes Awareness Month…


Diabetes has become synonymous with lifestyle disorders and is a major concern because of its increasing occurrence among age groups that were previously not affected. During November, many organisations and groups took the opportunity to raise awareness of the disease, its causes and symptoms, as well as the preventative measures that can be considered to minimise the chances or delay the onset of diabetes. 

You may find yourself wondering what an affordable DNA testing price is. That depends entirely on what it is you want to know. You may decide that more than one of the tests from GENEWAY™ are well worth the price and affordable for the insight they can provide. So, let’s find out, what is an affordable DNA testing price.

There are many common questions asked when it comes to what genetic tests are and the types of genetic testing that are available to the public.

What Are the Types of Genetic Testing Available?

GENEWAY™ offers a range of genetic tests that address a number of questions when it comes to the influence of your DNA on certain areas of your life. The GENEWAY™ genetic tests (with their prices):

There are many reasons you could want to, or perhaps should get genetic testing done. This article will discuss how genetic testing can change your life today, for the better.

GENEWAY™ offers a range of genetic testing geared to give you all the information you could need to preempt any issues and to treat the cause and not the symptoms long before the onset of illness. GENESPORT™ takes this one step further in order to give athletes, especially those breaking into the professional field, the information they need to reach their peak performance. So, how does it work?

Depending on what your GENEWAY™ genetic test reveals about you, a medical expert may suggest a GENEWAY™ supplement that can benefit you. Anyone can benefit from the broad range of GENEWAY™ supplements we have put on the market to support general health.

Primary Methylation Genes: