There are some minerals and vitamins that the human body cannot function optimally without. Genetic testing can reveal which vitamins and minerals your body has the most trouble absorbing. When it comes to your health, DNA testing can inform you of which supplements you could benefit from to correct the shortage of any minerals or vitamins in your body.

People are 99% the same in terms of their DNA, but the 1% wherein the differences lie make a huge difference and plays a pivotal role in what makes us unique. That 1% accounts for everything, from your appearance to your disease susceptibility. This includes your predisposition for specific traits like obesity, your DNA can provide insight into weight gaining habits and weight loss resistance.

Many people have acquired the taste for high salt diets. Salt elevates the levels of sodium in your bloodstream, reducing your kidney’s ability to remove water, hence causing your body to hold onto more water. Ultimately, leading to higher blood pressure due to the extra fluid and strain on the blood vessels leading to the kidneys, arteries, heart and brain. Diuretics (blood pressure medication) are also ineffective with a high salt intake.







There’s no “magic” involved in preventing high blood pressure, regular exercise and eating smart can go a long way toward sustaining a healthy blood pressure. Here is a high-blood-pressure recipe for dinner and you won't even miss salt!

Roasted Tomato, Chicken and Broccoli Salad

In order to understand the benefits of DNA tests for prescribing medication, such as GENE-Rx™, we first need to understand the complexities of pharmacogenetics and what this can reveal about our genetics and how our genes affect our respondence to particular drugs and medication. The fact that we can predict an individual’s response to medication based on their genetics has been around for just over 100 years, but people are only now realising its seemingly endless potential.

To understand how genetic testing in South Africa works one must first understand the role pharmacogenetics plays in people’s lives. This article will give you a brief description of drug metabolisation in terms of the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics and how genetic labs in South Africa can use your genetic makeup to better describe how your body will likely handle certain prescription medication.

What is Pharmacodynamics?

Pharmacodynamics is the effect that different drugs have on the body. This is why it is closely related to clinical pharmacology.

People that find out they have Type 2 diabetes are rarely the only ones in their family. Whether it be a parent or sibling or even a distant cousin chances are you are not alone. If you are genetically inclined to Type 2 diabetes a DNA test for health risks can give you this information long before so that you can proactively prevent the development of the disease.

DNA is your unique genetic makeup which you received from both your mother and father. GENEWAY™ has the ability to tap into this knowledge; by analysing and understanding your genotype they can scientifically predict what disease(s) you have a genetic predisposition to.  One of these genetic predispositions of importance which can be highlight by a DNA wellness test is that of insulin resistance and type II diabetes.

Many of us have strictly followed a diet without seeing the results we had hoped for. Even if your weight-loss partner followed the same diet and exercise routine as you and lost loads of weight you may even have gained some. Nutrigenomics (the study of the interactions between your genes and your diet) is the process of exploring the reasons why we don’t all respond the same and how your DNA is the key to your weight loss via a gene specific meal plan.

GENE-Rx™ is aimed at providing you with information that will help you to understand the way in which your body uniquely responds to prescription medication. We test the functionality of the enzymes that metabolise medication.  Generally, medication is prescribed based on a patient’s age, weight, gender and organ functionality, however with the GENE-Rx, enzyme activity and drug metabolism ability can be determined beforehand.