Linda Kriel van destydse Body Beat en fiksheid in Sarie Tydskrif; en deesdae se Kry Daai Lyf op KykNET en Finesse Tydskrif is Suid Afrika se fiksheids-guru het 'n Geneway toets gedoen om te kyk wat in haar DNA & gesondheid aangaan.

Hiermee haar getuigskrif:

Rise & Shine!

......with the CLOCK gene

Circadian rhythms are physical, mental and behavioural changes that follow a roughly 24-hour cycle.  

The CLOCK gene affect circadian rhythms and contribute to a large degree whether you are a 'morning person' or 'night owl'. 

Why can some people seemingly eat whatever they want, and never get overweight, but you have tried every diet and exercise out there, and your weight just stays the same? This could indicate a genetic predisposition to weight loss resistance, amongst many other factors. Our genes are full of information about our bodies, and obesity or being overweight is genetic, just like heart disease.

What can my DNA tell me?

If you knew your predisposition to common diseases, such as obesity and heart disease, today, would you change your lifestyle to ensure your health and wellbeing tomorrow?

Over the last couple of years, healthcare has shown a trend towards preventative medicine, with more emphasis being placed on maintaining one’s health, rather than treating poor health when it presents.