DNA Analysis Myths Busted

Geneway™ conducts DNA analysis in South Africa that will teach you more about your genetic makeup and how you can adapt your lifestyle, diet and environment to live your healthiest life. However, there are some common misconceptions surrounding DNA analysis tests. We’re going to bust these!

DNA Analysis: The More You Know

DNA Analysis Myth: A DNA analysis test is painful.

Fact: Geneway™ supplies completely painless, simple DNA tests. The kit is designed to help you collect DNA using what is called a buccal swab. Simply scrape the inside of your cheek with the long cotton wool bud for 60 seconds and place the swab back in the container provided. Clear instructions are included in the DNA Collection Kit or you can watch the video HERE.

DNA Analysis Myth: Genetic testing can predict my health in the future

Fact: A DNA analysis test will be able to indicate where your health risks are, and your proneness to certain predispositions. It will not guarantee that these will materialise or not, as the proneness can be subject to certain lifestyle choices. The knowledge will arm you with insight to make informed decisions to better your diet, or otherwise 

DNA Analysis Myth: A DNA test can indicate whether I will get cancer or not.

Fact: Genetic testing can look at factors that may increase your risk for cancer, but it cannot test for cancer itself, nor the likelihood that you’ll develop cancer. If you are concerned that you are experiencing symptoms that could potentially point to cancer, please see a doctor immediately to be referred to an oncologist. Genetic testing for cancer is used to gather information as a preventative measure; it is NOT a diagnosis.

Geneway™ makes available a host of different tests; from testing your immune system and its responses to certain medication, to testing your sporting ability to improve your performance, to what diet you should follow in order to live your best life.

Once your sample has been submitted, Geneway™ will then complete the processing of your sample. You will be notified to download your results and make an appointment with your healthcare practitioner to aid with the interpretation of the results. Contact us for more information.