DNA Testing for Optimal Exercise or Sport Performance

If you are just looking to optimise your weekly training regime at the gym, a “weekend warrior”  or if you are a professional athlete or planning to become one, and you want to take it seriously, consider doing DNA testing for athletes to give you better insight into your abilities and help you perform optimally.

GENESPORT™ from GENEWAY™ can help individuals to recognise their full potential by testing and then providing expert advice on performance potential and how to enhance it, according to your unique genetic makeup. Genetic testing for athletic ability can:

  • Accurately outline your genetic endurance and power potential
  • Provide results on what preferred fuel and energy sources your body needs during exercise
  • Tell you what your response to caffeine is for ergogenic purposes
  • Give a summary of your body’s risk for inflammation and injury, and recovery time
  • Provides a report on your body’s ability to deal with oxidative stress that directly impacts sporting performance
  • Indicates what your muscle and bone composition tendencies are

With DNA testing for sport and exercise, you’ll be able to plan your entire exercise routine and supportive nutrition. Your genetic results will give you an indication of the best training to maximise your performance in a specific sport. Your fitness goals are closer than ever, armed with genetic knowledge unique to your body.

How Do I Do GENESPORT™ Testing?


  • Get a DNA Collection Kit from an accredited GENEWAY™ practitioner.
  • Find a GENEWAY™ practitioner, or e-mail us at info@geneway.co.za for recommended practitioners in your area. 
  • Take a quick and painless DNA sample from the inside of your cheek – swab the inside of your cheek with a sterilised buccal swab and put back in the tube (instructions in the kit).   
  • Return the sample to your practitioner or book a courier service by sending an email to orders@geneway.co.za.
  • You will be notified via email when the sample arrives at the laboratory and when your results are ready.
  • Your GENEWAY™ practitioner will interpret and discuss the results with you.

 Optimise your training and performance in many ways with GENEWAY™. Contact us today!