Do I need a Genetic Counsellor?

The genetic testing you will undergo is not diagnostic nor deterministic of a possible risk outcome. The genetic risks for the conditions tested for are influenced by multiple factors, most of them being modifiable and thus preventative of the mentioned risk associations.

For the majority of clients there is no requirement to receive genetic counselling. However, should you feel the need, ask your doctor to refer you to a Genetic Counsellor.

Genetic counselling services are available at:

Cape Town
UCT Division of Human Genetics Tel: 021 406 6304

Wits Division of Human Genetics Tel: 011 489 9223/4

Femina Hospital Tel: 021 328 2676

UFS Division of Human Genetics Tel: 051 405 3047

Genetic Clinic Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital Tel: 031 240 1000

A list of registered Genetic Counsellors can be found on  

Choose For The Public – Find a Practitioner – Medical – Genetic Counsellor Register.