Genetic Testing for Sport Performance: How it Works

Written by: 
Jeanne Conradie

GENEWAY™ offers a range of genetic testing geared to give you all the information you could need to preempt any issues and to treat the cause and not the symptoms long before the onset of illness. GENESPORT™ takes this one step further in order to give athletes, especially those breaking into the professional field, the information they need to reach their peak performance. So, how does it work?

What Could Go Wrong? A Deeper Look at the Chinks in Your Armour

Athletes know their bodies better than most other people who are not actively invested in the improvement and performance their body can bring to a particular sport. Pairing this with the insight that can come from genetic testing for sport performance like GENESPORT™ can be an enlightening experience for many athletes and their trainers.

Knowing which injuries an athlete is the most likely to sustain during their training or performance can change the game completely.

With Information Comes More Informed Training Programmes

The information that GENESPORT™ makes available allows athletes to find a different approach to their training, diets and activities. If you learn you are more susceptible to a certain kind of injury you can work to strengthen parts of the body that will prevent this from occurring, at least as easily as the test suggests it could have without knowing about it.

You can focus on your weaknesses and strengths now that you know where they lie. You can push your endurance and performance while safeguarding your weaknesses to break into new realms of power potential. To reach new heights in power potential, all your body needs now is the right fuel in the tank.

Knowing What Fuel to Put in the Tank Makes All the Difference

Your fitness and supplement regime may seem set in stone before you take the GENESPORT™ genetic test. We can put together any missing pieces to help push your athletic performance into a, previously undiscovered, fifth gear. Fuel, and the right fuel is what athlete’s need to prevent them from “hitting the wall”. New levels of endurance and power is what you are after and we can tell you how to get there with genetic testing offered by GENEWAY™.

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Genetic testing for sport performance