GENEWAY™: Leading the Way for DNA Health Testing in South Africa

Written by: 
Jeanne Conradie

There are some common misconceptions when it comes to DNA tests in South Africa. This article will dispel said misconceptions by explaining how GENEWAY™ is leading the way for DNA health testing in South Africa.

What is DNA Health Testing in South Africa?

DNA health testing from GENEWAY™ offers South Africans insight into how their genetic makeup effects things like their general wellness, weight gain tendencies, athletic ability and skin health. Personalised healthcare is being transformed by DNA health testing made available to South Africans by GENEWAY™.

GENEWAY™ does not conduct testing for:

  • Paternity
  • Genealogical, lineage or ancestry

How Does DNA Health Testing in South Africa Work?

In order for GENEWAY™ to decode your unique genetic makeup to allow you to unlock the best and healthiest version of yourself, we will need a DNA sample. GENEWAY™ takes samples in the form of cheek cells.

When you decide which of the GENEWAY™ tests available you would like to apply for, contact GENEWAY™ and we will send you the necessary sample collection kit, complete with step-by-step instructions to taking a DNA sample. The kit is designed to help you collect DNA using what is called a buccal swab. Simply scrape the inside of your cheek with the long cotton wool bud for 60 seconds and place the swab back in the container provided. Once you have sent the sample back to GENEWAY™ we will process the sample and run the GENEWAY™ test you have selected. Once GENEWAY™ has completed the processing of your sample you will be notified to download your results and make an appointment with your healthcare practitioner to aid with the interpretation of the results, like a nutritionist when doing the GENEDIET™ test.

Watch the instructional video of how to collect your sample with the GENEWAY™ kit here.

Learn more about the GENEWAY™ labs in this video.


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