At Home DNA Tests: Why Get It Done?

Do it yourself DNA tests are a brilliant way to test for certain predispositions, as well as lifestyle factors that will influence your performance now and in the future. A simple home DNA test may give you the opportunity to better your life and live to the absolute fullest! There are multiple reasons that people choose to take a home DNA test, and many benefits of receiving the results and feedback from the experts once it has been processed.

Implement Lifestyle Changes to Reduce Potential Risks

Home DNA tests are not only simple and painless, they produce accurate results in a short turnaround time, giving people the opportunity to make informed changes in lifestyle and diet. These changes will alleviate risks of contracting certain diseases like diabetes, hypertension, etc.

For example, if the genetic test reveals that you are genetically inclined to high blood pressure or heart disease you may choose to do something about it now. For example, you could reduce your daily salt intake or start taking antioxidants and Omega-3 to reduce your risk of it worsening, thereby supporting your longevity and ultimate health.

Using the results, people can also make changes that will help them to improve their overall performance in life, whether athletically, or simply for a better quality of life.

Give You Peace of Mind

Stress is a huge accelerator of certain diseases (specifically some lifestyle diseases that DNA testing can reveal). Oftentimes, people become concerned when a family member passes away from an illness that can be genetically passed down. Whether they want to know their status on the disease, or that of their children’s, a DNA test will be able to provide peace of mind. Once they know their status on the likelihood of contracting the disease, they can make specific changes as mentioned above, or be at ease knowing that they are healthy.

Treat It Properly

If your results show that you are going to develop or have already developed a lifestyle disease, you’ll want to know how best to treat it. Tests like the Gene-Rx™ will provide insight into how an individual metabolises, transports and binds to certain prescription drugs. This information will help medical staff accurately prescribe medication that is perfectly suited to the person for the most effective results.

Take control of your health with accurate knowledge to better take care of yourself and your family. Contact us for more details and find out how it works here.