How DNA Analysis Can Help Define a Healthy Diet for South Africans

GENEWAY™ provides much more than genetic testing in South Africa. As we begin to understand more about how our genetic makeup can influence our health we can educate South Africans on what it is their bodies need and why. Education and information are at the centre of everything we offer at GENEWAY™. We offer DNA analysis for macro- and micronutrients with GENEDIET™ and the education that comes with this can change people’s perspectives and point them in a weight loss direction they had never before considered.

DNA Analysis for weight management to Educate South Africans

The first step of the GENEDIET™ offering is to “un-brainwash” clients. Throughout the years, as obesity and weight gain have become threatening health risks to more and more people, we have been fed contradictory information from all angles. There are certain truths about weight loss and nutrition that are cemented in science, yet people have still been confused by what the media has sold as a “healthy diet.” Sure, people lost weight, but mostly the inventors of crash and fad diets got rich while we deprived ourselves.

One undeniable truth of weight loss is that everything must be taken in moderation, you can’t expect to have your cake and eat it too and lose weight. When you make an appointment to take the GENEDIET™ genetic test the results will also be laid out for you by a professional nutritionist. The healthcare professional or nutritionist will determine the best way forward by taking into consideration the results of your GENEDIET™ DNA test to preserve and improve your health while encouraging sustainable and healthy weight loss. Our team will help you determine if a low-carb, high-fat or a low-fat diet will work best for you based on your unique genetic make-up.

How Do My Genes Affect My Diet?

The GENEDIET™ test will highlight which of your genes are playing a role in the affectivity of your diet and why. In a nutshell, genes play a definitive role in:

  • How food is stored
  • How food is used as energy
  • How food is metobolised
  • If you have what is referred to as the “obesity gene”
  • Regulating blood triglyceride levels
  • How the intestine absorb fatty acids
  • How fat is broken down in the body
  • How your body absorbs fat soluble vitamins like vitamin D

To get started with any of our GENEWAY™ tests find out how it works and contact us today!

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