I want to get tested, how does it work?

The process for having your DNA tested is as follows:

1. Obtain a DNA Collection Kit from an accredited GENEWAY™ Practitioner.
2. Find a GENEWAY™ Practitioner HERE, or e-mail us at lab@geneway.co.za for recommended Practitioners in your area. 
If there is not a GENEWAY™ Practitioner in your area, order a DNA Collection Kit from orders@geneway.co.za – additional courier costs will apply.
Contact us at info@geneway.co.za if you would like us to speak to a specific Practitioner on your behalf to discuss the genetic testing.
3. Take a quick and painless DNA sample from the inside of your cheek.   GENEWAY™ DNA Test
4. Clear instructions are included in the DNA Collection Kit or watch the video HERE.
5. Return the sample to your Practitioner or book a courier service by sending an email to orders@geneway.co.za.
6. You will be notified via email when the sample arrives at the laboratory and when your results are ready.
7. Your GENEWAY™ Practitioner will interpret and discuss the results with you.
In the event of a Practitioner not being available, or for additional support you can book your feedback session below:
Contact your healthcare practitioner regarding the feedback costs. Click HERE to find a practitioner in your area.

Book a 60-minute feedback session via Skype / Telephone with a GENEWAY™ Professional HERE.







Click on the below to see how to take a DNA sample.