The Link between your Health and your DNA

By knowing more about your genetic make-up, you are able to take steps towards a healthier life.

These mutations affect your risk for overweight, but also provided information about your feeding behaviours, natural appetite control, the fat burning process, your genetic need for physical exercise in order to maintain a healthy body weight, and your metabolism of dietary fat and carbohydrates.

You can manage your body weight by being proactive and implementing the science-based strategies recommended to you. These may vary from modest changes in your environment, your diet, physical activity or adjustments in the medications and nutritional supplements you take.

The Final Link

Before you get demotivated and give up on a healthier lifestyle, get your genes tested! Your genetic information provides the final link to help your doctor, dietician and trainer create a personalised health and weight management plan that incorporates your habits, environment and nutritional needs. Let your DNA tell you what your body needs and get your DNA tested now.

Available tests: