Non-Invasive Paternity Testing 101

Non-Invasive Paternity Testing 101

A paternity test can determine whether a particular man is the biological father of a particular child or not, and there are different ways to test for this. It works by indicating whether DNA from the child matches DNA of the man in question.

How Accurate Is DNA Paternity Testing?

DNA genetic markers are used to indicate similarities between DNA in each individual. A DNA paternity test is 99.9% accurate in determining whether the man is the biological father or not.

Types of Paternity Tests

Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test
Prenatal paternity testing is done before the baby is born. A blood sample is taken from the mother, and a simple oral cheek swab is done on the potential father. Foetal DNA is separated from the mother’s DNA at the lab, and a comparison between the two DNAs is done. This type of paternity test can be done as early as nine weeks into the pregnancy, with the results being produced between 2-3 weeks.

Non-Invasive Paternity Test
This is a standard paternity test which involves a painless cheek swab sample being collected from the child and alleged father. The turnaround time for results is 1-2 weeks. Geneway conducts non-invasive paternity tests.

Maternity/Paternity Test
This is a test used to determine both the maternity and paternity of a child. It involves collecting a small blood sample from the child, potential mother and potential father.

How to Qualify for Paternity Testing at Geneway

1. Submit a completed and signed consent form for each patient

2. Provide certified copies of the mother and potential father’s identification documents

3. Provide a certified copy of the child’s birth certificate or identification document

4. An affidavit must be provided from the biological mother giving consent that the test may be done if she is not testing herself

If the biological mother is not present, the legal guardian’s signature, identification document and affidavit of consent is required for the test.

For paternity tests and other DNA testing in South Africa, contact us.

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