Nutrition and Fitness DNA Test

Athletes, and people serious about their fitness, work hard to optimise both their diet and fitness routines so that they can achieve their optimal performance. What better way to improve your fitness than to find the right formula perfectly suited to your specific genetic makeup?

Why Get a DNA Fitness Test?

Genetics can directly influence the way the body responds to training and diet. Getting to know your genetic profile will allow you to determine what your body is asking for and what foods are not necessarily giving you the boost you need. Every person is different, therefore what may be good for one, may not be ideal for another.

The information revealed by a DNA fitness test will transform the way you supplement your diet, train, and ensure that you are taking in the correct fuel your body needs at the right time to reach your full athletic potential.

What Does a DNA Fitness Test Determine?

The Genesport DNA test from Geneway tests multiple factors that will outline your genetic limitations and strengths, giving you insight into how you can enhance your potential, and lessen your weaknesses.

It will help determine:

  • Your body’s preferred fuel and energy source during exercise – whether you need to cut out carbohydrates or up them, etc.
  • Your body’s response to caffeine as it can improve performance, but could also potentially be detrimental
  • Your risk for inflammation and injuries related to joint and muscle issues, as well as recovery time should an injury occur
  • Your ability to deal with oxidative stress
  • Your endurance and power potential

For more information on DNA fitness tests, as well as DNA diet tests and much more, contact GENEWAY™  for insight into creating a healthier future for your body as well as a better life.

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