Paternity Test

Paternity Test

PATERNITY TEST (Self Collection): 

A paternity test can determine whether or not a particular man is the biological father of a particular child. This procedure is quick and easy. All we need to do the test is a DNA buccal swab from the mother, father and child. A buccal swab looks like a long cotton wool bud. It is used to collect cells from the inside of the mouth cheeks. DNA is consistent throughout the body, so the DNA in cheek cells is identical to the DNA in blood cells. The swab allows for non-invasive and painless collection of DNA. 


Please note: These prices exclude courier costs. The test kits may also be collected at the GENEWAY™ Head Office: 1153 Justice Mahomed Street, Brooklyn, Pretoria. 

Courier cost is (If applicable): 

R120.75 incl VAT for kit delivery & R120.75 incl VAT for sample collection. (Only applicable in South Africa) 

The price for the paternity test will also stay the same even if the mother is not tested. 

Turn-around time for the paternity test results is 3-4 weeks. 

Procedure to order the test: Step 1 


- Send an email to GENEWAY™ at

• Name & Surname 

• Contact Number 

• Physical Address 

• Number of children that you want to test 

• Please specify if you will collect the kit from the GENEWAY™ Head Office or if we need to send it to you with the courier 

Step 2 

- You then will receive a quotation for payment 

Step 3 

- As soon as we receive your payment, we will send you the kit via courier or you can collect from our Head Office (1153 Justice Mahomed Street, Brooklyn, Pretoria) 

Step 4 

- When the samples are ready, they will be collected from you by the courier and send to the laboratory in Durban 

Step 5 

- As soon as results are ready the laboratory will send you an electronic copy of the results 

Step 6 

- If you have any inquiries on the results, please contact our referring Medical Scientist, Lynise Pillay on 073 993 1081 



1. Completed and signed consent form for each patient 

2. Certified copies of the mother and alleged father’s identification documents 

3. Certified copy of the child’s birth certificate or identification document 

4. Affidavit from the biological mother giving consent that the test may be done if she is not testing herself 

If the biological mother is not present, the legal guardian’s signature, identification document and affidavit of consent is required for the test. 

Terms and Conditions: 
The information and sample supplied to GENEWAY™ is voluntarily, without undue influence from any party and not under any duress; 
The information and sample is necessary for purposes of a Paternity Test (“the test”) to be conducted and failure to supply the information will render the conduct of the test and communication of the results thereof to me, impossible; 
GENEWAY™ does not conduct the paternity test and refers same through an independent contractor to an accredited laboratory to conduct the test and to communicate the results to me; 
You will need to agree give permission and consent for the disclosure and use of the information and the sample by GENEWAY™, the independent contractor and the laboratory for purposes of conducting the test and communicating the results to me; 
Insofar as I may be representing a minor in my capacity as parent or legal guardian, I hereby give permission and consent as aforesaid in such capacity on behalf of the minor; 
I understand that, in the event of the laboratory being unable to produce a conclusive result from the sample for any reason whatsoever, I shall be entitled to refund of 50% of the payment made to GENEWAY™.