The Range of GENEWAY™ Supplements Available

Depending on what your GENEWAY™ genetic test reveals about you, a medical expert may suggest a GENEWAY™ supplement that can benefit you. Anyone can benefit from the broad range of GENEWAY™ supplements we have put on the market to support general health.

GENEWAY™ Antioxidant Supplement

Helping to support potentially weakened DNA to protect your body from free radical damage is GENEWAY™ Antioxidant. This GENEWAY™ supplement aids in avoiding free radical damage along with the accelerated ageing and increased risk of chronic diseases which walks hand-in-hand with damaged or weakened DNA.

GENEWAY™ Carb Support

Many people with impaired blood sugar or insulin regulation due to anything from PCOS to pre-diabetes are after support. GENEWAY™ Carb Support helps to maintain a healthy carbohydrate metabolism that take blood glucose levels and insulin sensitivity into account.

GENEWAY™ Collagen

Collagen is essential for everything from skin to connective tissues and GENEWAY™ Collagen helps to increase your intake of collagen, especially as we age as natural production slows. Collagen support can help to slow signs of ageing and keep joints moving to help overcome genetic weaknesses.


DIM is short for diindolylmethane which promotes detoxification and oestrogen metabolism, meaning; it reduces “bad oestrogen” and increases good oestrogen production. Taking this GENEWAY™ supplement along with a diet rich in cruciferous vegetables will also help protect against certain cancers and can even lessen the symptoms of PMS.

GENEWAY™ Magnesium

Magnesium plays a part in a vast number of physiological processes which can in turn help to reduce fatigue, that’s why everyone should be taking a magnesium supplement.

Introducing the All New GENEWAY™ Probiotic

Probiotics are essential to gut health which promotes good digestion which gives an immune boost while also increasing the body’s resistance to infection. Good health starts in the gut and the new GENEWAY™ Probiotic will give your digestive system what it needs to keep you healthy.

Contact us at GENEWAY™ for more information, place your orders for GENEWAY™ supplements here and find out how the tests work here.

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