What Is A Gene?

Written by: 
Jeanne Conradie

In order to better understand how GENEWAY™ can benefit your health and wellness we need to address the basics. What exactly is a gene? In order to understand how your DNA affects your health and wellness and what benefits a comprehensive DNA analysis can offer you we need to start at the base of operations: the gene.

Gene: A Definition

A gene is defined, in a nutshell, as a unit of DNA which is located on a chromosome as a basic unit of genetic information passed from parent to offspring.

Each cell in the human body consists of forty-six strands of DNA. Each strand of DNA consists of millions of particles known as nucleotides which have been labelled by scientists as being either A, C, T or G.

A gene is a particular stretch of DNA whose sequence of nucleotides holds the code to a specific characteristic. The sequence of A,C,T and G nucleotides in a single gene houses information for the cell to read and use.

This information allow genes to make proteins, these proteins then interact with each other as well as other chemicals in the body to build everything from the colour of your eyes, mood altering hormones or your predisposition to certain illnesses.

The size and shape of a gene determine the size and shape of the protein it will build depending on what this will end up being used for or what function it will serve in the body.

What Does A Gene Do?

Genes are responsible for different functions, or rather building the proteins which are responsible for different functions. For example; hemoglobin is a protein found in red blood cells. This particular protein structure is shaped in order to carry oxygen molecules from oxygen rich areas of the body and released in areas of the body and tissues starved of oxygen.

The same way genes determine hemoglobin protein structures they control that of everything in the body like keratin. Keratin is a structural protein whose shape and size is geared to have it line up and link with other keratin molecules to create hard, strong structure like fingernails.

Now that we better understand the role that DNA plays in each and every cell in the body we can understand why it is important to know what our individual DNA is up to. Certain degrees of our health and wellness are predetermined in our DNA which we can define through DNA analysis. By undergoing DNA testing you can discover any diseases you may be more prone to and how to treat these issues long before they become a problem.

Contact us to undergo comprehensive DNA testing in order to solidify your health and wellness as it is today and prepare for anything the future may throw your way.