What Questions Can Gene Testing in South Africa Answer for You?

Some people are wondering exactly what it is that gene testing in South Africa can do for them. Here are just some of the few things we offer at GENEWAY™ to improve people’s health and general wellbeing.

Can a Gene Test Help Slow the Signs of Ageing?

GENERENEW™ is a gene test offered in South Africa to help you see, understand and personalise your skin care routine to stop natural signs of ageing as well as those that are genetically inherent. The ageing process generally begins in the mid-twenties and becomes a priority to halt, especially by women. External factors and life choices will speed up this process, especially smoking and sun exposure. The GENERENEW™ gene test is a great way for ladies and gentlemen in their twenties and older to learn healthy skin care habits based on extrinsic ageing which are affected by genetics. We will provide you with a personalised skincare regimen.

Can a Gene Test Help Me Lose Weight?

Technically, just getting the GENEDIET™ test isn’t enough for you to lose weight. However, we will inform you of the diet best suited to your genetic makeup. This will help you to get, and stay on, the right track towards losing weight according to what will work best for you. This is determined by numerous factors, both environmental and genetic. The test will reveal your macronutrient sensitivities and eating habits which will be explained to you by a healthcare professional, and best implemented with the help of a nutritionist.

Can a Gene Test Inform Me How to Improve my Athletic Ability?

Among the gene testing available in South Africa, it the GENESPORT™. It is possibly the most sought after gene test among sporting professional or sporting enthusiast wanting to stay at the top of their game. Individuals looking to get into shape would also benefit from such a gene test, to personalise their training regime. Gene testing for sports performance has been embraced by the competitive athletic community because the chance to beat your opponent by shaving even a second off of your time is enough to win, whatever the competition. This test is invaluable to athletes as it can:

  • Can expose you untapped potential
  • Identify your body’s preferred fuel
  • Risks of injury
  • Recovery potential

These are factors that can make or break any athlete’s efforts to make it big in their particular sporting career. Although it cannot predict the future, gene testing can provide valuable information to individualise an athlete’s diet and training programmes.

Many people can make use of gene testing in South Africa to make a huge impact on their lives and their future health. For more information contact us and find out how it works here.



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