Where Can I Do a DNA Test with Clear DNA Test Prices?

You can get a DNA test done at GENEWAY™. Their DNA test prices remain competitive and transparent for anyone interested in getting a DNA test done. With Diabetes Awareness Day falling in November, many members of the public were made aware of how much having access to necessary information can transform their lives. To gain some insight into their health and hereditary similarities, we’re hearing the same question asked: “Where can I do a DNA test?”. This article will discuss exactly what is available from GENEWAY™ and give an indication of their DNA test prices. There are no hidden costs and no fine print.

Why Should I Do a DNA Test?

There are multiple facets of your DNA that GENEWAY™ can reveal to give you insights into specific areas like your weight, athletic ability and genetic predisposition to certain afflictions or diseases. If you are aware of certain tendencies in your family towards diseases like cancer or heart disease, it may be worth the effort to take the DNA test to see if you share that tendency and to what degree so that you can take steps to prevent it.

What Do I Get for DNA Test Prices?

Below is a list of the GENEWAY™ DNA test prices. You could opt for the GENECOMBO™ for a discounted price which includes:


You can also finance the GENECOMBO™ over an 18 month period using your MediWallet if your order your test via orders@geneway.co.za.

What are DNA Test Prices from GENEWAY™?

  1. For your skin and signs of ageing, there is GENERENEW™ – R3 220.00
  2. To optimise your athletic potential, there is GENESPORT™ – R3 220.00
  3. To help you determine your genetic predisposition for weight gain, we have GENEDIET™ – R3 220.00
  4. For information on your general genetic risk for certain lifestyle diseases, there’s GENEWELL™ – R3 910.00
  5. To inform you of the way your body metabolises certain prescription drugs, we have GENE-Rx™ – R3 500.00

If you would like more information regarding our DNA test prices, contact GENEWAY™ directly.

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