Antioxidant Supplements: Why You Need Them

As our bodies digest the food we consume, our cells produce and release by-products. These by-products are known as free radicals, or reactive oxygen species (ROS). If there is a surplus of free radicals in our bodies, we can develop oxidative stress disorder. This disorder can cause damage to cells in the body. The magical ingredient that prevents this from occurring is antioxidants within our bodies.

In this article, we will discuss antioxidant supplements and the benefits they could offer you.

Antioxidant Supplements Benefits

Antioxidants can be produced by our bodies (endogenous oxidants) or one can consume antioxidants found in a healthy diet or in the form of an antioxidant supplement (exogenous oxidants). An antioxidant supplement can provide you with a host of benefits if your diet lacks antioxidants or the body is not producing enough antioxidants naturally. These benefits can include:

  • Cancer Prevention: Research has shown that an excess of free radical damage can increase one’s chances of developing cancer. As antioxidants neutralise free radicals it reduces the damage done; thus, it can be used as a preventative measure against cancer.
  • Prevent Heart Disease: Certain research has shown that those who eat a lot of fruits and veggies have a lower risk of contracting heart disease. This is thought to be due to the increased consumption of antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables.
  • Protect Your Hippocampus: The hippocampus is an important part of our brain’s ability to remember. Studies show that when the size of one’s hippocampus is reduced due to oxidative stress disorder, it could lead to neurodegenerative and mood disorders.
  • Reduce the Chances of Macular Degeneration: As you age, the chance of developing macular degeneration increases and can cause one to go blind. It is said that antioxidants can lower the risk of developing this disease.

Which Supplement Has the Highest Antioxidant?

Geneway stocks an antioxidant supplement that has an extremely strong formula. It contains 10 ingredients including Alpha Lipoic Acid, Glutathione, Acai Berry, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and more. Due to this, there is a high content of nutraceuticals that can improve your general health, detox your system and provide you with the protection you need from an excess of free radicals.

Visit the Geneway website and contact our team or order your dose of antioxidants.

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