Christo Bester – Testimonial

Christo Bester - Testimonial

Christo Bester (43)’s lifestyle involves a lot of traveling. While he is currently crop farming in South Dakota, USA, he frequently travels to South Africa and the United Kingdom. During his last trip to South Africa in January 2020, he developed internal hemorrhoids, which nobody could explain. This was not the first time this had happened at the end of a trip, and Christo needed answers.  It was then that his dad suggested he do a DNA test after seeing a Geneway representative explain the approach on television.


The idea of doing a DNA test appealed to Christo as he also wanted to understand which foods are best suited to him, given that his food options differ so vastly in the various places he travels to. The results, which were presented to him by Dietician Bernice Venter, gave him all of him the answers he needed and more.  


He learned that charred foods have a bad effect on him. His body can’t handle coffee. Bread makes him bloated and his body doesn’t manage his blood sugar levels optimally. Following recommendations, he now takes the Geneway Carb Support supplement to address his carbohydrate sensitivity and insulin resistance mutations, which ensures that he can metabolize and break carbohydrates down. This will also help prevent the onset of insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes, which is a risk associated with these genes. 


According to his genetics, Christo cannot convert certain nutrients into their active form and therefore he has a risk for undermethylation. He now takes a Methylation support supplement so that his body will receive the right nutrients, in their right form to support his underlying body processes like DNA repair, maintenance on brain neurotransmitters and detoxification. 


Christo was an irregular eater, and never used to eat dinner. His test showed that this is because he has a mutation on his circadian rhythm gene (his body clock gene) which made him prone to skipping meals. The dietician recommended that he take a Protein shake with added fibre in the evenings and consider sleep therapy to improve his sleeping habits. 


Christo’s DNA revealed that he stresses easily and is prone to anxiety. The supplement that Venter recommended he take to address his anxiety, stress levels and sleep has made a world of difference. His general mood has improved, he feels much calmer and more grounded.


Christo now eats according to the guidelines that were given in his genetic test reports and  he has seen many health and wellness benefits through this approach. Purely by eating according to these recommendations, his weight has dropped from approximately 110kg to now 100 kg, enabling him to wear a size 36 jeans, instead of 38. 


He’s also a lot more careful about the way he braais his meat, ensuring it isn’t charred! 


When asked whether he would recommend the Geneway test to others, Christo explained “Yes! I like the personalized approach. The guidelines have been easy to follow, and I feel so much healthier all round.”


To learn more, or to test your DNA, go to https://geneway.co.za/

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