Genetic Testing for Athletic Performance

There is a lot that goes into training and sculpting your body as an athlete. Nutrition, training, recovery time and general lifestyle stresses all have an impact on your body and can hinder or assist in achieving your physical goals.

Traditionally, training programs and the measures taken to reach one’s peak athletic performance is results-based. This means that one has to make adjustments to your program and wait to observe the results. If the results are counterproductive one would have to repeat the process until one finds the correct combination.

However, there is a way to speed up the process. The key is incorporating genetic testing for athletic performance.

What Genetic Testing for Athletes Can Tell You

There are multiple answers and results, applicable to an athletes performance, that can be determined from a genetic test. Some aspects that can be tested for include:

  • Athletic Potential: Your potential will be outlined. This will include your overall athletic potential as well as your endurance and power potential. Giving you an idea of what you could become should you reach your peak.
  • Dietary Preferences: A genetic test can shed light on which energy sources and fuel your body react best to when exercising. This can give the needed information to optimize your diet.
  • Caffeine Tolerance: Your results can inform you whether or not your body can easily metabolize caffeine or not. This will determine whether or not you should include caffeine in your diet.
  • Susceptibilities: Genetic testing can pick up whether or not you are susceptible to injuries and inflammation and what the expected recovery time will be on those injuries should you obtain one.
  • Oxidative Stress: A test will be able to determine if you are prone to oxidative stress disorder. If you are susceptible to this disorder, your progress could be negatively affected.
  • Composition: You can be armed with information on what your muscle and bone composition is. This could change your approach to your training and ultimately help you on the way to reaching your goals.

What is Genetic Testing in Sport?

At Geneway we provide you with an at-home genetic testing kit. This simple and easy test will be able to arm you with the information you need to reach your athletic peak. Contact us to find out more about GENESPORT and what benefits it could provide you when training.

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