Linda Kriel’s Geneway Testimonial

Linda Kriel se Geneway Getuigskrif
Linda Kriel is South Africa’s celebrity fitness-guru. You might remember her from Body Beat. She is currently on kykNET’s “KryDaaiLyf” and involved with Finesse Magazine. Linda tested her DNA with Geneway.

This is her testimonial:

“After listening to a talk by Dr Christa North about the impact our genes have on our lifestyle and health I became intrigued. I wanted to know what my DNA would tell me.

My DNA swab was taken using a buccal/cheek swab on the inside of my mouth. The swab was sent to the lab and in approximately 2 weeks my results were sent to me.

Some results surprised me, but it also confirmed a few other things, which I suspected. For example, that I am insulin resistant.

It’s no surprise that a diet, high in carbohydrates does not work for me. When I eat carbohydrates, I constantly feel hungry. My results however did show that I digest dietary fats well.

What was interesting is the fact that I am slightly lactose intolerant. I still have a little milk in my coffee and I consume yoghurt twice a week, however Dr Dr North advised that if I do show signs of weight gain, it would be preferable to cut dairy out of my diet.

The Geneway test also showed that I, genetically, absorb too little Vitamin D & Folic Acid, which I take supplements for now.

With regards to my physical activity, it showed that my body reacts very well to high intensity training. This confirms that my current training program is correct. We all differ and therefore it’s good to find out and learn what works for your body.

Thank you Geneway.

Linda Kriel.”



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