What a DNA Test Kit Can Offer You

There is so much information that an at-home DNA test kit can offer you and your family. From knowing whether you have a predisposition to diabetes or what you should be eating to reach your peak potential. 

In this article, we will explore exactly what you can gain from performing a DNA test.

Are Home DNA Test Kits Accurate?  

Home DNA tests can be very accurate; however, if one receives news such as someone having a predisposition to developing cancer, it is important to consult a medical professional. An example of this would be to have more regular checkups to ensure that you catch cancer early should it develop in future. 

Different Types of DNA Tests 

DNA testing has become increasingly more popular over the years and with the development and refinement of the technology being used, there are more things one can test for. Some of the types of DNA tests one can make use of include, but are not limited to:

  • Diet: There are many genetic factors that determine how your body carries weight. A DNA test can provide you with information on what foods would work best for your body and help you reach and maintain a healthy weight. 
  • Health: A genetic test geared towards health will be able to test for variants within your DNA that will indicate whether you are more inclined to develop certain diseases. These diseases can include cancer, diabetes, dementia, and much more
  • Immune System: You can test the strength of your immune system with a DNA test. This test will inform you of the genetic variations that might be affecting your immune system and how to improve it. 
  • Athletic Potential: By having a DNA test done, you can determine what your athletic potential is athletically and determine what you should do to reach that potential. 
  • Ageing: Each of us have genetic factors that affect how we age. A DNA test can determine how you will age and what products and cosmetic support would best benefit you in maintaining a youthful appearance. 

Where to Find a Home DNA Test Kit In South Africa

You can purchase an at-home DNA testing kit from GENEWAY. We have a variety of tests that can help you along on every aspect of your health journey. To find out more about how you could improve the quality of your life with a DNA test, contact us at GENEWAY

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