Why You Don’t Have to Google “DNA Testing Near Me” Anymore

Have you Googled “DNA testing near me”? Were the results, lists and list of laboratories in your area with long waiting lists, and a huge price point to match? 

In this article, we will address and discuss many frequently asked questions surrounding DNA testing. We will also provide you with a better option to having a DNA test done at a local laboratory.  

FAQs Surrounding DNA Testing

Although most of us know what DNA testing is, there are still many questions surrounding the process. Some of the most popular questions include:

Finding a DNA Test Near Me

Thanks to online shopping, amazing courier services, and advances in science, at-home DNA test kits are freely available and deliver amazing results. They ensure that you can perform a DNA test in the comfort of your own home, as well as save time, as you do not have to drive all the way to the closest laboratory. 

Is an At-Home DNA Test Kit Easy to Use?

An at-home DNA test is extremely easy to use! Each kit comes with instructions and doesn’t involve a single drop of blood. All you have to do is perform a cheek cell collection with the swab included in the kit. 

Is an At-Home DNA Test Confidential?

Yes! When you purchase an at-home DNA test kit, the results remain confidential to you and whomever you designate it should be shared with. Sharing your result is applicable if/when you would like to share your result with your health care professional. 

Where Can I Do DNA Test for Free in South Africa? 

Unfortunately, there are no companies or governmental bodies that provide free DNA tests. You can however buy an at-home DNA test kit for anywhere between R2800 and R4000, depending on the test you choose to purchase. 

Where to Find an At-Home DNA Test Kit

At Geneway, we are specialists in DNA testing and have a large variety of DNA tests available that can assist you in living a happier and healthier life. To find out how you can benefit from a DNA test, contact us at Geneway.

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