Answering the Most Common Genetic Testing Questions

Answering the Most Common Genetic Testing Questions

There are many common questions asked when it comes to what genetic tests are and the types of genetic testing that are available to the public.

What Are the Types of Genetic Testing Available?

GENEWAY™ offers a range of genetic tests that address several questions when it comes to the influence of your DNA on certain areas of your life. The GENEWAY™ genetic tests (with their prices):

  1. For your skin and signs of ageing, there is GENERENEW™ – R3 220.00
  2. To optimise your athletic potential, there is GENESPORT™ – R3 220.00
  3. To help you determine your genetic predisposition for weight gain, we have GENEDIET™ – R3 220.00
  4. For information on your general genetic risk for certain lifestyle diseases, there’s GENEWELL™ – R3 910.00

What Can I Learn From Genetic Tests?

There is a lot to be learnt from the various genetic tests made available by GENEWAY™. It could help you to find the key to your weight loss, improve your training technique, or even give fair warning of inherent risks to diseases. If you’re still not convinced, there are three great reasons to get genetic tests done.

How Does the Genetic Testing Process Work at GENEWAY™?

The collection of genetic materials, when done by GENEWAY™, doesn’t involve taking any blood, to many people’s surprise. You will receive a DNA Collection Kit from GENEWAY™ through an accredited GENEWAY™ practitioner, fashioned to allow you to take a quick and painless DNA sample. You simply swab the inside of your cheek, complete the consent form and send it back to the GENEWAY™ laboratories for testing. Watch the video below for a full run-through of how to collect the sample.

GENEWAY™ has various healthcare professionals you can visit to help you plan the best strategy to preserve your health moving forward. To find a healthcare professional near you kindly visit www.geneway.co.za. If you are a healthcare provider you could always become a practitioner yourself and offer GENEWAY™ testing to your patients.

When Should You Consider Having Genetic Testing Done?

If any of the abovementioned tests caught your attention, GENEWAY™ genetic tests are for you. For the best deal on more than one test, explore our GENECOMBO™ to get four of the abovementioned genetic tests at a majorly reduced price.

To peruse more answers to the most genetic testing questions, read our FAQ. Alternatively, contact us for more information.

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