Genetic Testing for Health with GENEWELL™

Understanding your predisposition to health issues may help you make informed changes to alleviate or even eliminate issues in the future. GENEWELL™ tests for genetic variants involved in physiological processes that are linked to an increased risk for certain (lifestyle) diseases.

Some of these include:

Blood clotting

Some blood clots can be harmless and treated with certain medication, but there are times when blood clots can be life threatening. If a blood clot passes through the heart, it can prevent circulation, or cause a heart attack. Blood clots that pass through the brain can cause strokes.

Bone Health

Osteoporosis is a bone disease responsible for pain, susceptibility to fractures and (depending on severity) immobility. This, and other bone issues can also be tested for using genetic health testing.

Cholesterol and lipid metabolism

Cholesterol and lipids are broken down in the liver. If this process is not performing correctly, it can cause major issues in the body. It’s important to know your level of cholesterol so that you can control it.


Dementia is a blanket term for disease that affects cognitive functions like memory (Alzheimer’s disease), problem-solving, language decline, etc. It’s important to catch these diseases early on to slow the effects.

Heart disease

Conditions that affect your heart can be fatal, or cause serious challenges in your life. Some of these diseases include arrhythmia, coronary artery disease, susceptibility to heart attacks and more.


Also known as high blood pressure, untreated hypertension can cause heart disease, increase chances of a stroke and can sometimes be fatal.

How Does the Genetic Testing Process Work at GENEWAY™?

You will receive a DNA Collection Kit from GENEWAY™ through an accredited GENEWAY™ practitioner, designed to be quick and painless.

You simply swab the inside of your cheek, complete the consent form and send back to the GENEWAY™ laboratory for testing. Results will return within the next two weeks of submission. You can then discuss these results with your practitioner or the professionals at Geneway who will give you advice accordingly.

Contact Geneway today for more information on genetic testing.

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