Home DNA Test Kit in South Africa: How It Works and the Benefits

Finding a home DNA test kit in South Africa is becoming easier and easier by the day. Many are wondering how they can benefit from a DNA test, how it works and whether it is accurate. In this article, we will answer these questions.

How Does a Home DNA Test Kit Work?

A home DNA test kit is easy and quick to use. Once you have purchased one from your chosen provider all you have to do is follow the instructions included in the kit to provide a saliva sample with an oral swab. Once the sample has been collected you can return the sample to your chosen practitioner, after which you will be notified when your results have come back from the lab. Your chosen practitioner should then explain the meaning of the results in a consultation. 

The Benefits of a DNA Test

There are many benefits to having your DNA tested, the largest of which is receiving the knowledge with which one can improve one’s health and wellness. Some of the information that can be included in your DNA tests results can consist of:

  • Diseases: Whether you are prone to developing cancer, diabetes, dementia, heart, and other diseases. 
  • Diet: What foods your body doesn’t agree with, whether your body and metabolism has a predisposition to being overweight, and the amount of exercise that your body needs. 
  • Immune System: This will inform you whether you have any genetic deficiencies which are affecting your immune system and what you can do to combat these deficiencies should you have them. 
  • Athletics: Whether you are following the correct exercise routine for your body type and what you could do differently to reach your athletic peak.
  • Ageing: What your predisposition is to ageing and what supplementary products you need to use to age gracefully. 

Are Home DNA Test Kits Accurate?

At-home DNA test kits can be very accurate and provide you with insights that you might not have had access to beforehand. It is however important to consult a professional about your results to properly decide your next course of action. For example, if your test results indicate that you are not prone to cancer, you shouldn’t stop having checkups, as you never know how your lifestyle could impact your chances of getting cancer in the future. 

To find out more about how a DNA test could benefit you and your health, contact us at GENEWAY. 

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