How a DNA Test for Weight Loss Can Affect Your Weight Loss Results

People are 99% the same in terms of their DNA, but the 1% wherein the differences lie make a huge difference and plays a pivotal role in what makes us unique. That 1% accounts for everything, from your appearance to your disease susceptibility. This includes your predisposition for specific traits like obesity, your DNA can provide insight into weight gaining habits and weight loss resistance.

Understanding Your Genetic Makeup with the Best DNA Test for Weight Loss

DNA testing for weight loss in South Africa has the ability to reveal how heavily influenced your genes and their expression is being impacted by your lifestyle. The test will reveal what food groups you would be better off eating and drinking, which supplements to take as well as how active you should be in your weight loss efforts. This information can be used as preventative measures for weight gain and related diseases like heart disease, insulin resistance and diabetes.

DNA Testing For Weight Loss in South Africa Can Reveal Family History

Many people may not have an extensive record of their ancestry’s medical history and you can trust the best DNA test for weight loss to reveal your genetic predisposition. This will reveal your genetic traits as dictated by your ancestry such as your tendency to be overweight and having high cholesterol.

This will be compared to your lifestyle choices like your alcohol and food consumption, whether you are a smoker or not and your current level of physical activity.

DNA Testing For Weight Loss in South Africa Provides Steps for Going Forward

The GENEDIET™ test from GENEWAY™ is designed to be more than simply pointing out your genetic predispositions. We will provide you with a report of steps you can take to fight these tendencies and professional advice from nutritionists and dietitians on how to do so.

After revealing where you fall on the obesity risk index and whether you are in fact weight loss resistant, we will advise you on a solution. The GENEDIET™ will reveal what angle is likely to be the most successful when exploring options like a high protein diet, calorie restriction requirements and the effectiveness of a number of diet and exercise options.

GENEDIET™ Provides Supplementation Guidance Making It the Best DNA Test for Weight Loss

The extent of information made available by DNA tests for a diet in South Africa will also reveal the supplementation you require. The gaps revealed in the DNA test will allow us to give you a list of the minerals and vitamins that you need to be nutritionally fulfilled, healthy and on the path to sustainable weight loss.

Want to take the test? Find out how it works.


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