Pretoria DNA Tests Increasing in Popularity

The idea of a DNA test is often linked to paternity, diseases and other unsavoury thoughts and worries; however, there is a very positive side to DNA testing. The positive effects of DNA testing are coming to light; because of this the frequency and popularity of these tests are increasing.

In this article, we will discuss, what a DNA test can offer you as well as where you can have a DNA test performed in Pretoria. 

What DNA Testing Can Reveal 

DNA tests can assist you in your health, can act as a preventative measure, and can of course determine whether there is something wrong with your health.


A DNA test can determine whether you are allergic to certain substances, whether your body rejects certain foods, or whether you can metabolise coffee efficiently. If your body doesn’t function well on certain foods, avoiding those foods could solve your weight loss problems or help you prevent the bloating you seem to experience after eating. It can even explain why you don’t seem to feel the effects of caffeine while others can’t drink a cup of coffee after 4 pm without experiencing sleeping problems. There are many other health benefits that a simple DNA test can assist with. 


Oftentimes when cancer runs in a family it can be extremely worrying to other members of that family. They are constantly worried about whether or not they will develop cancer and end up reducing their quality of life due to stress. DNA testing offers you a way to check whether you are prone to cancer or not, allowing you to determine whether you should be performing more regular checks than the average person or not. 

A DNA test can also detect whether you are prone to a variety of other diseases and can help you take preventative measures before they have materialised.

Where Can I Do a DNA Test Around Pretoria? 

One can have a DNA test done at your doctor’s office or the hospital; however, there is a more comfortable and convenient option that is also accurate. At Geneway, we provide you with an at-home DNA testing kit that can test for a large variety of aspects. To find out more about how at-home DNA tests work, contact our office.

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