Understanding the Fuel You Need for Optimal Athletic Performance

There are multiple authorities which athletes turn to when it comes to the best way to supplement their lifestyle to boost their athletic performance. By taking a DNA test geared for your sporting success you can find exactly what your body needs in order to perform the sport you do, the best.

Why it is Important for Athletes to be Completely in Tune with Their Bodies

Often times knowing your limits is what preserves athletes and their performance abilities because they know what they are capable of. For an athlete to be in tune with their body, in order to achieve the best results, sports genetic testing can be used to reveal their athletic potential rather than only their limitations.

By gaining more insight into where and when it is safe to push yourself athletically (especially with the right fuel) you can achieve sporting greatness. GENESPORT™ has the ability to put you in tune with your body in a way that encourages you to reach the peak of your athletic performance, safely and effectively.

Why Fueling Your Body According to What it needs can Boost Athletic Performance

Genetics can directly influence the way the body responds to training and diet. The nutrition of an athlete is crucial and bad nutrition is evident when an athlete “bonks” during an event.

Bonking is when an athlete “hits the wall”. Bonking is usually a direct result of glycogen depletion in the muscles and liver as well as dehydration. Athletes often describe it as a feeling of suddenly being drained of your energy. This makes sense because glycogen is the primary fuel source, especially for endurance athletes.

This can be avoided by training the body to burn fat when glycogen stores are low and to continually supply the working muscles with the energy they require during the event. Understanding the stages at which your body is most likely to experience “bonking” through a DNA test designed specifically to understand how your body burns and utilizes fuels and transports oxygen can help you train accordingly and personalised your supplementation to avoid this.

The Benefits of Understanding your Individual Athletic Potential

If you have undergone a DNA test for sports you will have all the information you need to optimise your athletic performance. The information revealed by a DNA test aimed at sporting success will transform the way you supplement your diet, train and ensure you are taking in the correct fuel your body needs at the right time to reach your full athletic potential, especially during events.

The DNA test for sporting success will also reveal your risks for inflammation and injury so that you can take the necessary steps to prevent future injuries and deduce your recovery time. By attaining this knowledge you are free to explore your new found endurance and power potential.

Contact us at GENEWAY™ for more information on genetic testing in South Africa and how these tests can put you in tune with your body to inspire your healthier future.

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