GENEWAY: Pay a DNA Testing Price for Priceless Insight

The DNA test price you pay in South Africa will pay for itself within the next decade, if not sooner, it is a priceless health investment.

The DNA Test Cost Will End up Saving You Money

If you are aware of the role your genetic makeup plays in the way you age and the potential medical conditions that are most likely to present with, you will be better prepared to take the necessary preventative measures in advance. You will save money by knowing exactly what genetic conditions you are predisposed to and how to prevent them.

For example, if your genetic test reveals that you are inclined to heart disease, you can take steps to ensure you maintain healthy cholesterol levels and look after your heart health before it becomes a problem. Take proactive steps to prevent the presentation of disease, is a cost saver on its own, as the need for chronic medication and surgery can be prevented.

Paying a Once Off DNA Testing Price Will Save You Time

Arming your Healthcare Practitioner with the results of your genetic test, can aid in a better understanding of the underlying cause of certain health conditions which could assist with more guided and precise treatment strategies.

The testing offered by GENEWAY™ could provide information to help to investigate micronutrients – and how vitamin D and iron deficiencies could cause potential illnesses. Your genetic makeup and how your body absorbs certain micronutrient is a major role player here.

The article: The Benefits of A Personalised Approach For Patients Through Gene-Rx™ discusses how the small DNA test cost has the ability to provide medical practitioners with information allowing them to take a much more targeted approach to treatment options. This has the potential to decrease the length of treatment time and minimise the adverse side effects of medications on individuals based on valuable information revealed by their genetic test results.

Why A Single DNA Testing Price is Worth its List of Benefits

A DNA testing price is well worth it, especially if you have limited access or knowledge of your family’s medical history. Often the DNA test cost is the price you pay for peace of mind, as many people are very much aware of their genetic history and fear the worst when they are not necessarily destined to suffer from the same afflictions. Having this knowledge beforehand can either help you to prepare for the future or set your mind at ease.

Read GENEWAY™: THE MOST COST-EFFECTIVE DNA TEST PRICES IN SOUTH AFRICA for a summary of the DNA tests available and their DNA testing prices from GENEWAY™.

Find out more about how DNA testing works, for the right price, to better prepare yourself and your family for the future.



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