Get Results at an Affordable DNA Testing Price

You may find yourself wondering what an affordable DNA testing price is. That depends entirely on what it is you want to know. You may decide that more than one of the tests from GENEWAY™ are well worth the price and affordable for the insight they can provide. So, let’s find out, what is an affordable DNA testing price.

How Much of Your Salary will an Affordable DNA Testing Price Be?

The average monthly salary in South Africa is R21 190 per month according to Business Tech. That means that any test from GENEWAY™ will only cost you 15% of an average South African income. This is a fraction of what is asked by other private healthcare institutions for similar information. Our private specialists like biokineticists, nutritionists and physicians will explain the information to you and advise you on the best way forward taking all of your test results into consideration.

GENEWAY™ offers affordable answers to your body’s burning questions when it comes to the prevention of the underlying causes of symptoms you may already be experiencing. GENEWAY™ offers a range of different tests to provide you with the genetic insights that can help you take preventative measures to prevent symptoms of underlying health factors whether they have already presented symptoms or not. View the affordable DNA testing prices below:

  1. GENERENEW™ – R3 220.00
  2. GENESPORT™ – R3 220.00
  3. GENEDIET™ – R3 220.00
  4. GENEWELL™ – R3 910.00
  5. GENE-Rx™ – R3 500.00

A constantly popular choice is the GENECOMBO™ which includes tests 1-4 for R4 542.50, a fraction of the price they would cost separately. Feel free to contact us for pricing should you require a different combination of tests.

What Makes Paying the DNA Testing Price Worth It?

Knowledge is power and knowledge about how your body works is integral to employing a lifestyle and healthy habits that will keep you going for as long as possible. Others may want to know if they share traits from their parents which could cause complications in the future. You may be after a way to improve your athletic performance or improve your training regime. Whatever you might be after, GENEWAY™ has a genetic test that can give you the answers you seek.

Find out how it works here or contact us at GENEWAY™ for more information.


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